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Los Manolos
Catalan Rumba. Catalonia

Los Manolos started at the end of 1989, when ten friends from Barcelona, fans of the Catalan Rumba, began to practice this genre combining it with instruments and rock attitude. Their repertoire includes rumbas by Peret and Gato Pérez, adaptations of pop songs and some songs of their own creation.

Pasión condal, recorded in 1991, reached number 2 in sales in Spain and became one of the best-selling Spanish albums. Their version of the song "All my loving" by The Beatles reached also the top and was considered years later by El País as the song of the summer of 1992.

That same year they performed at the Closing Ceremony of the Barcelona 92 Olympic Games and recorded a version of "Amigos para Siempre" which reached a persisting success in every party or celebration to the present.

Determined to take Rumba wherever they want joy and party, Los Manolos have recently collaborated with The Tyets singing "La de Los Manolos" and have presented a new song to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Olympic Games, "Bum Bum".

Their latest collaboration has been with Tacho, with whom they have performed the song "El Premio Gordo" ("The Jackpot"), inspired by the Christmas Lottery draw that is held annually in Spain every December 22th. Here is a link to watch the video clip:

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Electronic Urban Latin-funk. Catalonia

Shameless and charismatic, Tacho has managed through humor and surrealism to create his own universe, singular and unique in each of his compositions. With a proposal that is difficult to classify in any specific genre, the artist experiments and plays with a surprising naturalness between elements of music with Afro-American roots, such as jazz, R&B or hip hop and genres of Afro-Latin origin, such as salsa, merengue, cumbia or bolero, without forgetting elements of free jazz, trap or even flamenco.

As a trombonist he has toured nationally and internationally with artists such as C.Tangana or Els Catarres, performing at legendary venues such as the Palau Sant Jordi or the Wizink Center, as well as collaborating with many other artists such as Nil Moliner, Oques Grasses, Buhos, Suu and Doctor Prats among others.

The artist's personal project had its premiere in 2021 with his debut album Movimiento(Musicbus, 2021) in addition to releasing several songs with collaborations including Rita Pagés and Vic Mirallas. In 2023 he releases his second album Sepia; del ego al animal (Ventilador Music, 2023) a concept album that revolves around the idea of transformation and personal liberation. The work features collaborations with recent Latin Grammy winners Las Migas and Colombian artist Juan Pablo Vega.

It should be noted that Tacho is an interdisciplinary artist, capable of mixing different arts in the same show. A firm and risky bet to become one of the revelations of the Spanish urban-latin-funk scene, and one of the most interesting artists of the current emerging scene.

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Vic Mirallas
Urban latin-funk. Catalonia

Vic Mirallas, is an artist with a long professional career. His compositions mix various musical styles such as pop, R&B and jazz under the influences of drum and bass and the urban genre. He tells daily stories in the first person, through a versatile, torn and sweet voice that questions the truth, luck, pain, love, loneliness and change.

Vic is an artist with a long list of collaborations and compositions, which, at this point in his career, we can already begin to assess as an artist who is entering the stage of maturity and solidity. He does not stick to a specific musical genre, since beyond labels, he defends creativity and artistic freedom.

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Maison Bélier
New Folk Pop. Catalonia

Maison Bélier is the new and ambitious project in which the producer and composer Juanlu Leprevost (Ojos de Brujo / Calima) and the singer-songwriter Elsa Formisano Conesa ( Lil Mama) ; a promising artistic pairing that, thanks to his long professional career, will not go unnoticed. The duo's presentation album invites you to look through the window at emotions, the labyrinths of life and the nakedness of being . His focus of attention rests on human experiences and relationships . This new sound draws on the influence of different musical styles , such as soul, flamenco, Spanish songwriting, bossa or reggae ... The cultural journey that Maison Bélier proposes is not limited to fusion of musical genres, since its repertoire is multilingual ; as a result, an album where Catalan, French and Portuguese merge with Spanish.

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Las Wonder
Alternative Indie-Rock

Las Wonder is a female band determined to break the schemes of the current indie. They bet on adding a touch of eighties rock using dark tints, atmospheres in which their hypnotic guitars are accentuated, loaded with effects, and lyrics that deal with the most beautiful events of life to the crudest reality.

The Murcian band has more than thirty concerts behind them, inside and outside the region, among which stand out their participation in festivals as renowned as the Cabo de Pop Festival (Cartagena), CoolturalFest Go (Almería), B-Side Festival and the Microsonidos Festival (Murcia).

In 2021 they debut with their first EP "Pirexia", composed of six songs, produced and recorded in Arde El Arte with Raúl De Lara. In the latter, they already showed that they had a lot to say with vindictive lyrics that defend free love, the importance of self-esteem and criticism of consumerist society, among others.

They are currently working on what will be their second EP, to be released in early 2024. This new release will be produced and recorded by the prestigious producer Paco Loco (Paco Martínez) at Paco Loco Estudio.

These four girls have come to stay, without mincing words and without taboos, they have set out to break barriers and make it clear that everyone is free to choose their own path.

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Laura Capdevila
Electro-Pop. Catalonia

Singer and songwriter Laura Capdevila is an emerging artist on the Catalan music scene. Her music is a fusion of urban and classical styles. It is influenced by soul, R&B, jazz and pop.

"less is more".

In 2023 she releases her first solo EP, produced by Oriol Padrós (OP Studios), with five songs and two video clips, titled 'Microcosmos'. An EP armed with synthesizers, diverse elements of percussion, electronic aspects, electric guitars and strong basses, which offers in each song a different universe. All of them, full of thoughts, restlessness and custom.

So, therefore, we can conclude that Laura has a lot to offer, so don't lose sight of her!

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We Are Mono
Indie-Rock Alternative

We Are Mono is an alternative rock band from Barcelona, which has been creating followers of their peculiar Manchester Sound since 2002. The strength of their strident and distorted guitars is joined by a forceful and skilful rhythmic base that, "together" make up their characteristic songs. A sextet made up by vocalist Óscar Moon, Àlex Gutiérrez and Jonah A. Luke on guitars, Leo Alcaraz on keyboards and the rhythm section of Edwin Cruz and Christian Flaschka, embody songs with catchy melodies and contagious choruses.

"A punto de Estallar" (2022), is followed by a new single "Un brindis por celebrar" (Ventilador Music, 2023), forming a set of surprising, danceable, colourful, creative, direct and very rocking songs. With this album, We Are Mono not only shows us how they have evolved, but also how they have been able to maintain their own essence over the last two decades.

rock veterans have demonstrated, characterised by their power and musical quality. Nothing goes unnoticed on stage. From their strong lyrics, their punk rock sound with British pop touches, to their unmistakable and rogue stamp.

youthful and cheeky attitude, worthy of any group of young guys in their twenties, which adds to their experience on stage and their quality as artists.

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Anna Ralb
Urban-electronic pop

Composer, producer and singer, Anna Ralb, is an alternative artist who moves between the urban pop genre, always keeping in mind the energy of electronic elements.

Trained at the Liceo de Barcelona in musical language, cello and lyrical singing, today gives her a classical base that is reflected in the construction of her compositions and in the creation of her musical identity. Anna lived in London and Berlin, places that marked a before and after in her artistic perspective.

Her themes deal with the confrontation of fears and insecurities, fusing modernity and melancholy, insisting on the classical and the ambiguous. This is the case of "The Cracks", a tribute to the Japanese art of Kintsugi, his second album released in July 2022. In it, he explores the cracks, fears and flaws that make us unique and authentic.

, an EP consisting of two songs, shows us his most sensitive and innocent side, taking us into his universe of synthesizers, hypnotizing voices and seductive rhythms that will not leave us impassive.

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Speaker Cabinets
Alternative Pop-Rock. Catalonia

Speaker Cabinets is an alternative pop-rock band formed by three young people from Barcelona who have revolutionized the classic power trio format. With a clear vocation for danceable and friendly music, Speaker Cabinets bring touches of electronics and psychedelic rock passages of the 60s.

After their first album, Requiem for Atlas City, they present the first three songs of their next EP, Tales from New Babel. Their second album continues the dystopian story presented in their first work, forming a trilogy that chronicles the adventures and battles of Suzan and Allan May.

Ghost Town, The Fall and Suzan May are presented by high quality video clips and an intense narrative content that is reinforced with 6 episodes in podcast format.

The songs have been produced by Speaker Cabinets and Christian Rey at Pinkerland; and mixed and mastered by Alex Ferrer at The Groove Studio.

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Òscar Briz
Songwriter. Valencia.

His own compositions and intense themes distinguish this excellent composer. The latest album by Òscar Briz, “Amor & psicodèlia en temps de virus” represents a new milestone in a career of eleven albums that accumulates nominations, recognitions and awards, the last being the Premi Ovidi 2021 to the best rock album. Following the publication of this latest album, also nominated for the Carles Santos Awards, César Campoy wrote: “No one should be surprised, at such a point, that Òscar Briz is capable of reinventing himself, record on record, at the same time he has such mastery when it comes to recovering passages from his long career; to continue stamping on his creatures an unmistakable stamp and, as if this were not enough, to maintain such a degree of creative and interpretive lucidity ". They continue to offer the interpretation of the award-winning album in quintet format, as well as other songs from their extensive repertoire in a very powerful live show. Throughout his artistic career, Òscar Briz has participated in various renowned festivals such as the Festival Grec and the Barnasants.

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Flamenco fusion. Catalonia

Calima is a band established in Barcelona by members and musicians from different countries, cultures and ethnic groups. Its founder, Juanlu El Canijo, was also co-founder and member of Ojos de Brujo.

With their first album, Azul, Calima was already nominated to the Latin Grammy Awards as Best Flamenco Album, and since then, they have been performing in the most outstanding festivals in the world.

In 2017, they celebrated their 10th anniversary with a very special tour that gathered some of the musicians and vocalists that had formed part of this collective created by flamencos, gypsies, jazzys, balkanics, Mediterranean, rumberos and poets. Among them, their first singer, David Porta, el Rubio.

In 2020, Calima presented their new album at the Mercè Festival "Caution Live aniMAls".

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Los Stompers
Indie folk. Ireland/Catalonia

Irish group based in Barcelona. Founded at the end of the nineties, it is already a reference band in the Catalan music scene. A band that, evolving from Irish folk towards a more personal proposal, has outlined the concept of BIS (Barcelona Irish Sound), that is to say, Irish music at the turn of the century and far from home. An innovation in the crossing of styles, pierced by a good load of ironic humor.

In 2017 Los Stompers, released their sixth studio album, Life is Elsewhere, in which they take a step further on their career, characterized by leaving behind conventionalisms and their unique sense of humor. With this project, Los Stompers deepen in a double message both literal and allegorical, inspired by the Irish mythology to talk about mundane issues that surround us in everyday life. Each one of the songs of the album title the name of a mythological animal, symbol that connects a metaphorical nature with our own nature, expressed in the lyrics of their songs, reflected in everyday facts. From the soul of Ireland to Barcelona.

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Frankie Chavez
Blues-Rock. Portugal

Frankie Chávez is one of the most original acts of the new Portuguese music scene; he has been referred to as the latest blues revelation of southern Europe. His music combines a diverse array of sounds resulting in a Blues/Folk/Rock composed by clean sounds and others more raw and psychedelic. One of his unique characteristics is his revolutionary approach to the Portuguese Guitar, using several models, with different tunings, personalized drums and a wide range of effect pedals. After Heart & Spine, nominated to the IMPALA awards in the Best Album category, he presents his third album Double or nothing.

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España Circo Este
Tango-Punk. Italy

With over 500 gigs played around Europe in five years of activity, España Circo Este represents a musical caravan with a unique and original sound, spacing from sacred to profane, between stoner and balkan, with strong reggae and tango-punk influences. La Revolución del Amor, their first full album, received excellent feedbacks both by the audience and the critics, with several dates of the tour reaching sold out in Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Germany and Czech Republic. In 2015 and 2016, they played at the most important Italian summer rock festivals, for two official support tours with Manu Chao and Gogol Bordello and many opening act to big artists like Dubioza Kolektiv, HeyMoonShaker and Shaggy. In 2017, they launch their second album Scienze della maleducazione, a musical guide that presents as beautiful every aspect of our lifes that society considers strange, unconventional or rude. In 2018, España Circo Este presented the EP Bau Bau Ciudad, a Spanish compilation of its more popular songs featuring the excellent Mexican singer Flor Amargo.

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Reggae-Soul. Australia

Born in Seoul, Saritah grew up close to the Indic in the most isolated city in the world: Perth (Australia). Saritah’s performances are colorful celebrations, inspirational and uplifting. Lyric affirmations, inspirations and observations mix together with sounds from dancehall music, reggae, soul, world and pop. Saritah has played successfully in some of the most prestigious festivals of Australia, Japan, Korea, New Zeeland, etc. Her collaboration with the renowned reggae Spanish band Green Valley with We are the same led her to expand her audience, both in Spain and in Latin America. Her last single, Here we stand , is an anthem for Mother Earth, pushing people to take care of her and stand for her conservation.

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